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excentia is an Atlassian Gold Partner Solution excentia is an Atlassian Silver Marketplace Partner

We guide clients towards a successful implementation of Atlassian products.

Our services include: Migration to Cloud, custom developments, Atlassian Experts 360º Support, team training and much more.

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Atlassian Services


We identify your needs and implement them with the best solutions for your specific scenario.


Installation of Atlassian products, integration with third parties, configuration, on-boarding of teams and projects.


We prepare the roadmap to migrate your Server and Data Center products to the Cloud versions without losing any of your data.


We offer the best prices and we help you to optimize the use by users.


Virtual meetings with the support team, with follow-up reports, information on instance trends, risks and improvements.


Our job is to communicate directly with the manufacturer and with the development team of your apps so that any incident that may occur is solved as quickly as possible.


We develop apps for your Atlassian products and add the functionalities that are necessary to suit your organization.


Our star service where we offer complete support for the most complex scenarios and all the products of your Atlassian ecosystem.

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With our courses on the best practices of Atlassian ecosystem products, they will not have mysteries for your users and administrators.

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Certified by Atlassian

Atlassian - Gold Solution Partner

If you need support with Jira, Jira Software, Bitbucket, Confluence, Jira Service Management or any other Atlassian product, excentia is the perfect partner.

Our entire team is certified by Atlassian and can provide the help and support you to implement the most suitable solution for your needs.


Unleash the potential of your teams with Atlassian products.
Perfect tools for teams and organizations of all sizes.

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Atlassian Marketplace

Our apps are the result of innovation and continuous improvement, with the guarantee of being certified as Silver Marketplace Partner.

SonarCloud / SonarQube Connnector for Jira logo

SonarCloud / SonarQube Connector for Jira

Jira integration with SonarQube or SonarCloud. The quality of the code in a Jira panel or gadget and the possibility to create tasks in Jira from the detected problems.

SonarCloud / SonarQube Connnector for Confluence logo

SonarCloud / Connector for Confluence

Confluence integration with SonarQube or SonarCloud. Add information about the quality of your code in the pages of your project spaces.

SonarCloud / SonarQube Connector for Bitbucket

SonarCloud / SonarQube Connector for Bitbucket

Bitbucket integration with SonarQube or SonarCloud. You code quality and security metrics inside your repository navigation.

Issue Picker Custom Field Type for Jira logo

Issue Picker Custom Field Type for Jira Cloud

A new type of custom field for linking issues in Jira Cloud and being searchable.

Issue Picker Custom Field Type for Jira logo

Issue Picker Custom Field Type for Jira Server and Data Center

A new type of custom field for linking issues in Jira Server and Data Center and being searchable.

Dependency Track Connector for Jira

Dependency Track Connector for Jira

Identify and remediate vulnerable components in Jira providing a consolidated view of vulnerable components from Dependency Track.

Time Tracking Stats for Jira

Time Tracking Stats for Jira

The fastest and easiest way to track time on your projects and teams in Jira.

Cards for Jira logo

Cards for Jira

Kanbanize your Jira projects and processes quickly. Visual Management and Agility in a simple way.

excentia Admin Tools for Jira

Admin Tools for Jira

Tools to facilitate the work of Jira administrators: copy permissions, customize flows, copy user permissions, issue tab transition summary, issue tab with Jira Core and Service Desk notification log, statistics, and much more.

Hidden Fields for Jira logo

Hidden Fields
for Jira

Hide or show the information only to some users (or groups) who need it.

WorkDay Control for Jira logo

WorkDay Control
for Jira

Manage check-in and check-out of teams in Jira.

3d issues map for Jira logo

3D Issues Map
for Jira

Visualization to the rescue. Visualize your Jira affairs like never before.

TraceabilityX for Jira logo

TraceabilityX for Jira

Traceability of the types of matter and their relationships with different ways of displaying the information.

Project Health Monitor for Jira logo

Project Health Monitor for Jira

We brought the metaphor of technical debt to the world of project and process management at Jira.

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