Training and qualification

This is the division of the excentia training and courses.

Our SonarQube, DevOps and Atlassian training programs and courses follow the real needs of companies.

We promote talent in software quality and continuous inspection.

Training services: courses for companies and individuals


We promote your talent and the talent of your team.

SonarQube Fundamentals Course in streaming and in Spanish

SonarQube Fundamentals Course in Spanish

In this course you will learn how to use SonarQube, the most famous open-source tool for continuous code inspection.

SonarQube Advanced Course in Spanish and streaming

SonarQube Advanced Course in Spanish

Learn how to improve your software based on static code analysis and integrate it with DevOps tools such as Jenkins, Azure DevOps and Gitlab.

Course for

Empower your team. We prepare the contents to focus according to specific needs in your particular setting.

Quality and experience


Our team has extensive experience in the tools we train on.


Our case studies are always real based on customer experience.


We always keep the material updated to show the latest versions of the tools.


The interaction between students and teacher in real time. Our goal is to facilitate consultation and practice.


You will learn to work and organize the way you work to respond to the needs of your clients in real time.


We develop customized programs and form complete teams in the best practices and tools.

Courses and Events

The next courses and events in which we participate.

SonarQube Advanced Courses in Spanish for companies and professionals

SonarQube Advanced Course

Live Streaming

Course in Spanish

SonarQube Fundamentals courses in Spanish for companies and professionals

SonarQube Fundamentals Course

Live Streaming

Course in Spanish

Next Events


We love going to large and small events in the sector where we can discuss the latest news and learn from each other. See you there!

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