Quality Policy

We focus on our Quality Management System implementation, maintainability and continuous improvement as one of our main strategic goals

Economic and financial strength

In order to maintain itself over time and evolve, a profitable economic viability must be guaranteed, and this is closely linked to its solidity in the market in which we operate

Quality and continuous improvement

One of our main maxims is quality. And we understand by quality the spirit of "doing things right the first time". But in addition to doing them well, we want to do them better and better, in a process of continuous improvement.

Market development and solutions

A distinctive sign that we want to have is sensitivity and customer orientation. We need to know his opinion and what aspects of improvement we can work on to be as close to him as possible

The team

It is of vital importance for us, who base our success on quality, to have a team of people with the maximum talent, motivated and faithful

Our vision

"To become a singular and recognized reference in software quality assurance and process management, with a perfect implementation for continuous improvement and an unquestionable prestige."

Our values

Simplicity and transaparency

Keep It Short and Simple. We make things in an easy way, removing complexities. "Transparency" removes ambiguities and misunderstandings.

Quality and methodology

Our methodologies are updated on daily basis and promote a very high quality degree, this causes ourselves great confidence in what we do and it guarantees that we will do it right at the first attempt, walking towards excellence.

Innovation and Continuous Improvement

The ability do things in a different way allows us to be creative and offer differential solutions. We are always "reinventing ourselves" once and again in order to offer the best possible service.


Our team is the main asset of excentia and their motivation is fundamental, as well as their involvement in what they do and in the company, carrying an active role in their work.

Comfort, Thrill and Fun

We enjoy what we do, we make it with love and passion.

The Customer

Effective and efficient decision making with great empathy and sensitivity with our customers and their problems.

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