In this section, you will find a list of all the events and conferences in the that we participate.

If you would like us to meet in person and talk about the quality of the software and the processes, we are waiting for you at any of these appointments.

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excentia en el VLC Testing 2020

24-26 November 2020 | Online

VLC Testing 2020

10th Edition of the largest software testing event in Spain, for the first time in 100% online format.

We have had the honor of participating in the anniversary of VLC Testing and talking about the Bug Hunters Creed. If you mix Software Quality with Mandalorian and Excentia, only good things can come out.

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excentia en la PAM

16-20 November | Online

Peopleware Agile Management 2020

After having had, during these years, so many level speakers, so many friends, at the PAM, to keynotes like Alistair Cockburn, Jurgen Appelo, Pepu Hernández, Toni Nadal, Jenni Jepsen, etc.
After networking activities, dinners, Halloween party, dedicated beers, bring a popcorn stand to the event, one of personalized Halloween treats, etc.
The 3 concepts that we want to be the structure of # PAM20 online are… make it a «Reality», of «24 hours with ...» and of «the day dedicated to ...»

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22-24 October 2020 | Online

Tarugoconf 2020

The "Tarugo" was born around the heterogeneous Community of subscribers. It is, above all, a meeting point for people who "do things" around software, technological innovation and Internet.

The # tarugo20 will be recorded on a real TV set with several cameras and cinema lighting; and, instead of limiting ourselves to broadcasting talks designed for an offline event, we will create specific content for the online event, which takes advantage of all the advantages of the medium.

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17 October 2019 | Valencia

10 years of quality, 10 years of excentia

Join us in celebrating our 10th anniversary! Experiences, practical examples, lessons learned after 10 years and technological evolution. We will see how things have changed and what has helped us feel strong and guaranteed to continue for 10 more years. We will be joined by our partners Atlassian and SonarSource, among many others. Celebrate with us!

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27, 28 November 2019 | Valencia

VLC Testing 2019

The event par excellence in the world of Testing and software quality in Valencia.

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22, 23 November 2019 | Madrid

Commit Conf 2019

Commit is a two-day break to stop and reflect, the time of year when we we meet to discuss new ideas about software development, parking existing projects for a moment. To start from scratch, and see what comes out of there. Commit is your opportunity to grow attending talks, and workshops, and unconference sessions, to later come back with something that you didn't have when you left home. It is an event where you meet friends old and new, and talk about next year's projects.

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31 Octobre 2019 | Madrid

Peopleware Agile Management (PAM) 2019

The conference on Agile Teams, Management 3.0, Peopleware, Self-Organization, Agile Coaching, Agility in HR, Agile Leadership ...

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24, 25 October 2019 | Madrid

Tarugoconf 2019

Tarugoconf is the most Galician and most awesomic event in the world. The Tarugoconf is a conference on design, construction and commercialization of technology that is born around the dowels, the heterogeneous Community that brings together La Bonilista, the weekly newsletter on entrepreneurship Technological written by David Bonilla.

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24, 25 September 2019| Madrid

Codemotion 2019

Codemotion is the largest technology conference in Italy and one of the most important in Europe, with a network of more than 500,000 developers. What are you waiting for to be a Codemotioner?

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4, 5 July 2019 | Valencia

CTO Summit 2019

Valencia will host one of the most important technological events of the year, if you want to know what is happening in the IT departments of leading companies and how they lead it, don't miss it!

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20 June 2019 | Madrid

OpenExpo Europe 2019

OpenExpo Europe is the largest Congress and Professional Fair on Open Source & Free Software and Open World Economy (Open Data and Open Innovation) from Europe.

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11 June 2019 | Valencia

VLC Softing 2019 - ¿Qué empresa quieres ser?

Technology is profoundly changing our personal and professional relationships. This transformation does not happen only by using technology as a business opportunity, but also for integrating it into all aspects of the value chain. Don't let your company get left behind. Come to VLCSofting19 and take a firm step towards Smart Enterprise.

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6 June 2019| Madrid

itSMF España - Agile 19

In this third edition of the largest event on Agile organized by itSMF and the UPM, topics are addressed as exciting as the Agile transformation of a Ministry, the management of the direction of a multinational company through Agile practices or the current state of professional careers in the world of software.

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13-14 December 2018 | Alicante

Conferencia Agile Spain - CAS 2018

CAS 2018 is an event generated by people who experience software development in a way different. It is a meeting point between professionals in the sector where knowledge is shared and experiences around agile methodologies. It is the best opportunity to learn from others people who face problems present in your day to day. This edition of CAS 2018 will host around 600 people and is a unique opportunity to connect with the community.

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28-29 November 2018 | Valencia

VLC Testing 2018

#VLCTESTING18 will take place on November 28 and 29 at the Polytechnic City of Innovation and it is expected that the event will be attended by more than 300 attendees from more than 90 companies. Do not crash your projects, come to VCL Testing and learn the best practices, techniques and tools in software test

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23-24 November 2018 | Madrid


Commit is the conference where we meet to discuss different perspectives on the way of making and managing software. Come with us to live two days sharing and learning everything what technology has. We wait for you on the 24th at Track 4 at 09:30, to enjoy the talk "Secure or insecure code, that's the question"

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26 October 2018 | Valencia

Atlassian VLC Day 2018

Second Edition of Atlassian VLC Day! Are you ready to know all the news of Atlassian? Meet with experts and users from Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket ... and apply all the knowledge to unleash the potential of your teams.

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18 October 2018 | Madrid

Peopleware Agile Management (PAM) 2018

The conference on Agile Teams, Management 3.0, Peopleware, Self-Organization, Agile Coaching, Agility in HR, Agile Leadership ...

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15 October 2018 | Valencia

Testing Lite: Cazando bugs antes de que aparezcan

Testing Lite is the new initiative of ITI together with the sponsoring companies of VLC Testing to drive the tester community, week by week, and warm up for the quality event company in Spain with the longest and most successful journey.

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3-5 September 2018 | Barcelona

Atlassian Summit Europe 2018

All the news of Atlassian products with all partners. The place of ideal meeting to meet us.

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4 July 2018 | Valencia

Desafía la calidad y seguridad de tu código

Essential day for quality managers and developers where we talk clean code, safe code, SonarQube and how to improve the software development cycle.

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12 June 2018 | Valencia

VLC Softing

In its fourth edition, VLCSOFTING wants to put even more value on the power of software as a driver of innovation.

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7 June 2018 | Madrid

Enterprise Agile Forum 2018

Agile, DevOps and Service focused on the Business. Integrative vision of agile models and structural based on real cases in companies.

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6-7 June 2018 | Madrid

OpenExpo Europe 2018

OpenExpo Europe is the largest Congress and Professional Fair on Open Source & Software Libre and Open World Economy (Open Data and Open Innovation) from Europe.

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4-6 Junio 2018 | Madrid


The 2018 program is made up of talks, master classes and workshops that cover topics such as test automation, soft skills, agile testing, test virtualization, security testing, DevOps and continuous testing and much more.

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12-13 May 2018 | Almería


National Congress on Secure Software Development. SuperSEC is an official event of OWASP where we participated with the presentation "A clean and safe code, a better world"

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29 Noviembre 2017 | Madrid

SonarSource City Tour

Catch up on code improvement and continuous inspection for your applications, in addition to fully integrating it with your DevOps process chain

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29-30 November 2017 | Valencia


Seventh edition of the event made up of practical presentations related to software quality and testing: testimonials, demos, lessons learned, application of techniques, use of tools, good practices, etc.

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19 October 2017 | Madrid

PAM - Peopleware Agile Management

This day arises to create an annual milestone for the exchange of experiences and is born derived from the homologous Meetup group, which we organize with this same theme.

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5 Octobre 2017 | Valencia

Atlassian VLC Day

We bring all the news from the Atlassian Summit to Valencia and the keys to adapt all of them to your company.

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