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Admin Tools for Jira admins

Tool suite for Jira administrators

With these tools created by other Jira administrators, you can finally reduce the time of the most common tasks, speed up your work, and improve your tool.


excentia Admin Tools for Jira

Custom Workflows

Additional set of workflow conditions, validators and post functions for your your workflows.

Transition History

New problems tab that allows you to find all the transitions executed in your problems.

Copy User Permissions

With this Premium function you will be able to copy the permissions between users with a simple click.

Notifications Tab

Now you can see what notifications Jira has sent. We have launched this new feature in the form of a new tab in the issues view.

Business Reports

New highly useful and exportable reports: Customer Satisfaction Report, Service Level Agreement (SLA) Report.

All Features

These are just some of the features of the excentia Admin Tools for Jira, to discover them all visit the documentation page.

Tools for Jira Administrators

Reduce the time of the most common tasks with a simple click

Excentia Admin Tools provides a suite of tools designed by Jira administrators, so you can improve and streamline your work.

Customize your workflows with many more possibilities thanks to conditions, validators and post-functions. Add the project leader, required fields, permissions to create custom subject types, delete content from a field, apply a certain security level.

You can also easily find issues such as: number of projects by type, active and inactive users, unassigned and unresolved issues, etc. and view everything in a detailed report.

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What does it mean? It's free to download and use, plus it includes some premium options.

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SonarQube Connector for Jira

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