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WorkDay Control for Jira

Clock in and clock out just inside Jira.

WorkDay Control for Jira is the easiest, most intuitive and non-disruptive way to register when your workers clock in and out.


WorkDay Control for Jira

Check-in and

Two buttons record the time of entry and exit of the user (without confirmation). Once the hours are registered, the last registers are listed, as a log.


In case of forgetting by a user, an administrator can add an employee check-in / check-out record.


To discover all the functionalities in detail visit the documentation page.

Time control for Jira

REGISTER THE TIME of entry and exit IN JIRA.

An intuitive and clean interface, clock in and out buttons and a working log register.


  • A clean interface with the previous registry and only two buttons.
  • Detection of patterns and anomalies.
  • Zoom in for a detailed view of conflict zones.


  • Access your Jira instance as an administrator.
  • Have you forgotten to sign in? Open an incident and the administrator will record it for you.
  • Global list of records with information about each employee, time of entry and exit, total hours and browser information.
  • Store the records as required by the Royal Decree and easily display them in case of labor inspection.

Ready to use!

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