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Issue Picker Custom Field Type - How create a new custom field type in Jira

A new custom field type to find and link various problems to the field.

Includes: quick search for recently seen issues, multiple allowed values in a field, and custom search engine.


Issue Picker Custom Field for Jira

Quick Search
by Issues

When editing the created fields, they will display recently seen issues for quicker selection.


You can see the issue key, summary and current status from the field.


To discover all the functionalities in detail, visit the documentation page.

Tools for Jira Administrators of Jira Cloud

New type of custom field for selecting issues

A new custom field type to allow the creation of fields with subject and link searches.

Create new fields and allow your users to choose multiple issues to assign to those fields.

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Issue Picker Custom Field is also available for Jira Server and Data Center.

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Issue Picker for Jira Cloud

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