Create a collaborative knowledge space

Provide your team with a work-sharing platform to create, organize, and improve business information.

Why Confluence?

Open system

An open and connected structure allows information to flow freely among all members of the organization.

Turn conversations into action

Designed for lasting knowledge so you never lose great ideas or context in a transient notification or chat.

Organize everything in one place

From quarterly planning documents to new hire blogs, everything lives in Confluence.

Build a culture of teamwork

With social features, employees at all levels have a voice to contribute, share and receive feedback.

Improves collaboration between all teams

Reliable performance and high availability for organizations of all sizes, so teams have the tools they need to stay productive.

Continuity without compromise

Equipped with safeguards like disaster recovery, comprehensive data backup and redundancy, and highly qualified support.


Colaboración sin compromiso

Create a single source of truth

Save time by leveraging the knowledge of all teams and find your answers quickly and easily.

Get all the information in one tool with Confluence
The work of the whole company in Confluence

Update the work in real time

From meeting notes to inspiring project plans, it drives the participation of ty team in a flexible workspace.

Transforming conversations into actions

It encourages all teams, from marketing to engineering, to share ads, strengthen company culture and get instant feedback.

Inspire and foster team collaboration

Confluence Cloud

Confluence Cloud comes with features that large, multifunctional teams need to share information efficiently and work together, without compromising reliability, data privacy or compliance.

Confluence Cloud soluciónes personalizada
  • Management and Security Controls - Combine Confluence with Atlassian Access for enhanced visibility and controls with SAML SSO, user provisioning (SCIM), audit logs and more.
  • 99.9% guaranteed uptime - SLA with 99.9% uptime with financial support so your team can focus on work that is critical to your business without worrying about downtime.
  • Data encryption - Get work moving from anywhere, thanks to numerous security controls, such as in-transit and in-sleep encryption for mobile devices.
  • Compliance - We work with SOC2, SOC3, ISO 27001, ISO 27018 and PCI DSS certifications, among others, so you can verify that the company and customer data remain protected and compliant.
  • Unlimited storage - All the space you need to manage any type of project in Confluence.
  • Privacy - Atlassian has invested heavily in the GDPR and the Privacy Shield to ensure that your data is handled with utmost care and in compliance with data privacy obligations worldwide.
  • Premium Support - Everything will continue to work perfectly thanks to uninterrupted Premium support and one-hour response times in the event of critical incidents.

Confluence Data Center

Confluence Data Center is a self-managed solution that gives organizations configuration options to meet the demands of team collaboration. Read-only mode and deployment flexibility with IaaS providers like AWS and Azure enable uninterrupted access and scale to meet your users' demands.

Confluence Data Center soluciónes personalizada
  • Security - Increases security and streamlines user login with integrated SAML single sign-on support. Choose from a wide selection of popular identity providers.
  • Performance at scale - Prevent performance degradation Each cluster node in your data center increases the capacity of simultaneous users and provides a consistent user experience under high loads.
  • Disaster Recovery - Implement an off-site disaster recovery strategy and ensure business continuity, even in the event of a total system outage. Shared app indexes allow you to get back up and running quickly.
  • Powerful admin permissions - Reduce administrative overhead with granular permissions controls. Auditing, bulk editing and troubleshooting will help ensure the right people can see the right content.
  • High availability - Active-active clustering also gives your teams uninterrupted access during search updates and reindexations.
  • Read-only mode - With read-only mode, allow users to view, search and navigate Confluence while performing maintenance. Say goodbye to night maintenance windows and weekends.
  • Distributed Load - Intelligently distribute the load in your cluster for the highest quality services. Dedicate nodes to specific computers, API traffic, or tasks, and direct remaining traffic to others.
  • Flexible support offers - Choose between Select, Priority or Premier support and keep your system running smoothly thanks to access to highly qualified support teams and fast response times.

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