Bitbucket gives your team everything they need to better build, track and deploy their software.

Bitbucket is Git’s solution for professional teams. More than 1 million software teams and 6 million developers love Bitbucket.

¿Por qué Bitbucket?

Built for professional teams

Sistema de control de versiones distribuido que le facilita la colaboración entre equipos.

Git that scales massively

Git’s only collaborative solution that scales massively. Fast performance anywhere in the world.

Code collaboration

Passing code review will be more efficient with extraction requests. And you can open discussions directly in the source code with online comments.

The best integration for Jira

Launch 14% more often with Jira Software and Bitbucket. Create Bitbucket branches from Jira Software or transition issues without having to leave Bitbucket.

Flexible implementation models

Enjoy flexible deployment models for equipment of all sizes and needs. Host it in the Cloud or manage it on your servers.

Unlimited private repositories

Get unlimited public and private repositories with Bitbucket. Bitbucket Cloud is free for small teams of 5.


Git that grows next to you to develop quality software

Integrated continuous delivery

Compile, test and deploy with integrated CI/CD. Benefit from configuration as code and quick feedback cycles.

Entrega continua con Bitbucket
Entrega rápidamente y frecuentemente con Bitbucket

Code reviews

Liven up your code with a list of merge checks with designated approvers and have conversations directly in the source code with online comments.

Protect your work

Your code will be secure in the Cloud: you can limit access to certain users and control their actions through branch permissions and merge controls.

Tu software seguro con Bitbucket

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