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Cards for Jira - Kanbanizar proyectos

Kanbanize your project automatically.

The fastest and easiest way to kanbanize a Jira project using project workflows, subject types, statuses.

¿Like Trello? Yes, exactly the same, but on Jira.


Cards for Jira

Drag and drop

Visually monitor any project. Manage problems simply by dragging and dropping them between columns. Simple like Trello but on Jira.

Filter and get what you need

Search for cards (issues) using various commonly used filters, such as issue types, components, versions, and assignees.


To discover all the functionalities in detail, visit the documentation page.

Kanbanize your project automatically

The App that adapts to your workflows

The ultimate Kanban app for Jira just keeps getting better for you!

Quick and easy, no configuration required. Install the plugin and all projects will be kanbanized.

Main Features

  • All the issues in a project are displayed in a board as cards.
  • Columns are dynamically created, as the app is aware of workflows and statuses in projects.
  • Transition issues just by moving them between columns. Moreover, Cards App will highlight the columns where the issues can be moved. Yeah, it take restrictions into consideration too!
  • Cards is "agile - made simple" for ALL TEAMS. Compatible with Jira Core, Jira Software and Jira Service Desk.
  • Interactive filtering allows to view issues using widely used filters such as issue types, components, version affected/fixed and assignee.

Managing issues has never been so easy!

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