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Trace your issues types to discover your traceability matrix

Find all related issues quickly and easily.

You can use reports or you include a new gadget in your dashboard. Visualize relationships quickly and easily.


TraceabilityX for Jira


You can easily add a traceability gadget to any of your Jira dashboards.

TraceabilityX Project

Generate a traceability report from the reports page of your project tab and allow your teams to export it to Excel.


To discover all the functionalities in detail visit the documentation page.

Relationships on Jira like never before

Show all relationships in different formats

TraceabilityX for Jira allows you to customize your project report with linked problems and display them in a table or matrix.

And you choose the format: in a gadget or in a report, in the form of a matrix or in the form of cards.

Main Features

  • You can use the wildcard (*) as an input parameter to get all relationships for all issue types. You can also use the special type of "subtask".
  • You can use the report where a list, table or matrix will be displayed with the links between different types of issues.
  • Select a couple of JIRA issue types and the links between them, and that way you can display the traceability matrix.
  • ptionally you can select the types of issues that are included in a particular version, or a component, filter or label.
  • Since version 1.3 you can include the report in a main dashboard gadget.

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