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The fastest and easiest way to get time tracking stats for project and team management

Time tracking in project management and team management.

It's easy to use. Simply open a new tab and you will have all the time, no settings or reports.


Time Tracking Stats for Jira

Time and progress evaluation

Track the estimated, recorded and remaining hours of your project. Also shows time tracking statistics for all releases / versions.

Team contribution time

Check your team's contribution to the project. By analyzing each member's project effort, you will be able to find your superheroes!


To discover all the functionalities in detail, visit the documentation page.

All temporary information just one click away

A new tab in the project navigation, it couldn't be easier

Time Tracking Stats for Jira enables efficient and effective project execution.

Thanks to a new tab, you can track time according to your metrics and key indicators.

Main features

  • Track estimated, posted, and pending hours on a project.
  • Track your consistency in estimating, with estimated vs logged hours.
  • Predict your project final stats with expected vs logged hours.
  • Track your team contribution to the project.
  • Time tracking stats for all your versions and releases.
  • Time tracking stats by components.
  • Time tracking stats per issue types.
  • Time tracking stats per any additional field you desire.
  • Time tracking stats to get team contribution in issue panel.
  • In addition you will be able to set an additional field in your project administration page to enter information about your project contract (contracted hours). This way you will be able to track your contract time and budget.

Getting time tracking statistics has never been easier!

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