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With SonarQube you’ll be able to quickly identify and solve code quality problems to deliver more reliable, secure and scalable software.

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Partner exclusivo en España

Partner en Latinoamérica

We are the exclusive partner of SonarSource in Spain and Latin America. We are leaders in quality and security of the code with an intrinsic philosophy of continuous improvement, which makes us the perfect partner to guide you, advise you and resolve any questions throughout your journey.

Why choose SonarQube?

Analyze all your projects

Analyzes code quality in more than 30 languages. Fix bugs, close vulnerabilities and apply the Clean Code philosophy.

Integrate it with your apps

SonarQube integrates with GitHub, GitLab, Azure and Bitbuchet, plus other IC tools and build systems.

Reports and metrics

Genera informes y facilita las labores de supervisión de tu empresa para evaluar los riesgos de tus activos.

Safety rules

SonarQube has more than 5,000 coding and analysis rules for you to get practical and accurate comments.

Team collaboration

Developers can use this solution to identify and address problems in the code together.

IDE integration with SonarLint

Add the SonarLint extension to your favorite IDE and find code issues on the go.

Editions of SonarQube

Below you will find the different editions of SonarQube designed according to the needs of each company.

Community Edition Open Source



Used and loved by over 200,000 companies

Developer Edition



Created by developers for developers

Enterprise Edition



Designed for Enterprise requirements

Data Center Edition

Data Center


Designed for High Availability environments

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