SonarQube Data Center Edition SonarQube Data Center Edition

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Designed for High Availability

It enables teams to collaborate on large projects by combining code quality and security tools, ensuring maximum uptime and data recovery.

SonarQube Data Center Edition includes all features of Enterprise Edition:

Portfolio Management Portfolio Management

Branch & Pull Request Analysis Branch & Pull Request Analysis

Security Vulnerabilities Security Vulnerabilities

27 Languages 27 Languages

Y además:

-  Component redundancy

-  Data Resiliency

-  Horizontal Scalability

-  Expert technical support

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Plans for developers

 SonarQube Developer Edition   

 SonarQube Enterprise Edition   

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We are benchmarks in quality and code security. Our philosophy is based on continuous improvement.

As Exclusive Partners of SonarSource we are the perfect companion to advise and guide you throughout the code quality continuous inspection.

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