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Project Health Monitor for Jira

Evaluate the health of your projects in Jira. Technical debt applied to process and project management.

Evaluate the health of your project using the debt relief cost, the distribution, the debt ratio and obtain a rating of the sustainability of your project from A (best case) to E (worst case).


Project Health Monitor for Jira

Debt at
Project Level

Debt evaluation is done by reviewing all the problems of your project and finding bad practices. And you can browse your project debt at any time using the tab in the sidebar.

Debt at
Issue Level

Get the debt information in the issues panel. The information shown in the debt panel of the issue is the same provided in the debt panel of the project, but calculated at the level of the current issue.


To discover all the functionalities in detail visit the documentation page.

Manage the health of your project

Streamline the consultation process for your most important decisions

The Project Health Monitor for Jira will help you know how to reduce debt using JIRA best practices and the quality model you have set up.

You will be able to see the issues with the highest debt and you will only have to check the actions and solve the problems.

How do we calculate debt in JIRA?

El modelo de calidad de la deuda está inspirado en el método SQALE.


The SQALE method has been developed to answer a generic and permanent need for assessing the quality of source code. Standards like ISO 9126 and ISO/IEC 15939 do not provide effective support for this challenge. The SQALE method is targeted for an automated implementation. It is generic and language and tool independent.

The SQALE method is particularly devoted to the management of the Technical Debt (or Design Debt) of software developments. It allows:

  • To define clearly what creates the technical debt
  • To estimate correctly this debt
  • To analyze this debt upon technical and business perspective
  • To offer different strategies allowing establishing payback plan.

Although the SQALE method focuses on the source code, we have adapted it so that we can focus on the JIRA problems, rather than the lines of code. We have called this debt "management debt".

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