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Hispasat offers a wide variety of services and therefore, with many areas involved (business, resources and organization, technical and operations, legal advice, etc.) with the incentive of a 24x7 service in different geographical areas with different time zones and languages (Spanish and Portuguese).

In addition, Hispasat has two control centers (Arganda del Rey and in Rio de Janeiro under the name Hispamar) and care offices in Spain, Venezuela, Mexico, Colombia and Argentina.

Given this situation, it is essential control all flows and offer a quality care service. And this is where Hispasat met the excentia team.

Caso de exito de Hispasat y excentia

Key project

Starting point

Lack of standardization between areas, lack of metrics, constant connection problems between ticketing and difficulty measuring KPIs.


Generate a high availability environment, create a customer service portal and generate metrics reports.


Implementation of Jira Service Desk Data Center of 250 agents, together with Crowd Data Center, Confluence and Atlassian Marketplace apps.

Logo Hispasat

Hispasat is the leading Spanish communications operator in the distribution of content in Spanish and Portuguese. Established in 1989, Hispasat offers coverage in America, Europe and North Africa, being the eighth operator in the world.

Hispasat’s satellite fleet allows the distribution of more than 1,250 television and radio channels to more than 30 million households, as well as broadband services in fixed and mobile environments. It is also a key engine of the Spanish aerospace industry.

Lack of standardization and measurement

Hispasat had two ways to manage customer service: a call center and a web portal for creating tickets. From Arganda del Rey and from Rio de Janeiro the tickets for service request and customer service are managed.

To this is added the support and management of the call center of the rest of the areas of the group. Behind the web portal, we find a complex architecture of different tools. Arganda made use of SIGO for requests related to space capacity, Ticket-On for Broadband requests and Microsoft Dynamics for CRM.

Three different tools to integrate and communicate with each other and, in addition, with the web portal. In addition, in the case of Hispamar in Rio de Janeiro, another fourth tool (Trouble Ticket) was used to manage incidents related to spatial capacity and wide band.

Jira Software para equipos de desarrollo
Jira Software flujos de trabajo ágiles y avanzados

Recovering and fostering communication between departments

With Jira Service Desk, we define the catalog of services and their corresponding projects (customer service, space capacity, long band, broadband, general services and ground segment), we create the service portal with the required fields, We configure external apps and train teams from both Brazil and Spain in the correct use of the tool.

With Crowd we get uninterrupted access to Jira Service Desk, even in case of hardware failures. excentia Admin Tools enabled the implementation of post-functions necessary for the complex workflow presented to us by Hispasat. The Scheduler saves a lot of time creating repetitive tasks that can be devoted instead to end customer support and finally, Power Data Base allows visualization and extraction of data for the business so demanded by the quality area.

Logo Hofmann

"A partner/project manager is required to take responsibility for such a profound change and define the requirements that the partner has to execute. But above all, if you want to get profitable from these implantations, you have to spend time."

Improve the quality of customer service

In the celebration of the 10th anniversary of excentia, we had the pleasure of having Óscar Pérez Navarro, head of the quality department that has led this implementation.

In his presentation, Oscar highlighted the improvements achieved after the implementation of Jira Service Desk and the entire suite of Atlassian products that revolves around him:

Jira Software Cloud soluciónes personalizada
  • Uniformity and standardization: All teams now work with the same tool, processes and resources. This enables joint improvement, facilitates collaboration and improves productivity in all areas.
  • The flexibility and ease with which customers contacted Hispasat is maintained. Both through the call center, the portal and even by email (automating the creation of tickets).
  • It has been possible to have key KPIs: response times, resolution times and satisfaction.
  • Overall improvement in service quality: Not only has quality been increased, but it has been possible to parameterize and measure that improvement. Response and resolution times have been reduced, data can be extracted for Business Intelligence (top 5 causative customers, etc.) and action taken and end customer satisfaction has been improved.

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