Digital transformation with Atlassian products

A key element of Big Buy’s success is its multi-channel integration system that integrates e-commerce platforms (Shopify, PrestaShop, Magento, WooCommerce), e-marketplaces (Amazon, AliExpress, ebay, etc.) and purchase engines.

The company completely transformed its working methodology thanks to the correct use of the Atlassian Suite and the introduction of agile concepts, guided by excellence. Excellent results have been achieved: increased turnover, control of growth and employee satisfaction.

Caso de exito de Hispasat y excentia

Key project

Starting point

Uncontrolled growth. Lack of coordination between departments, saturated email trays and multiple unfinished tasks.


Implement tools and work methodology that will evolve with the growth of the company.


Implementation, configuration and training to Jira Core, Jira Software & Bitbucket, Confluence y OKRs, en hosting Cloud.

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BigBuy (part of the A4B group), a European leader in wholesale sales and in the B2B dropshipping market, distributes more than 70,000 items. BigBuy is an "all in one" provider, offering in one solution, a catalog in 24 languages, logistics, B2B store, synchronization, resources, management, shipping and after-sales support.

The need to implement Atlassian tools

In addition to the initial situation, Big Buy did not have a requirements process for the IT team and developers, so several departments used to ask for new functionalities and features of their integration platform. This resulted in multiple versions with multiple corrections, without a clear development path or efficient methodology.

After a thorough investigation into tools, team and work management processes, and suppliers, BigBuy asked the excentia team for help. His reasons? The Atlassian suite offers solutions for all teams (business and development) with specific products for your needs, but solving information silos and favoring collaboration, thanks to the native integration of all Atlassian tools.

In addition, excentia, as a partner of Atlassian, was available and working in the same area (Valencia).

Jira Software para equipos de desarrollo
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"We could not work without Jira. It has been a structural change in our company. At present, when I receive an email I specifically request that a task be created in Jira for me to work on."

Salvador Esteve, CEO of BigBuy.

What solutions were implemented?

Jira Core

It is used for team management and interaction between members of the same team and their relationship with other departments. Marketing & Communication, Management, Sales Teams, etc., all of them use Jira Core for collaboration and daily tasks.

Jira Core

With Jira Software and Bitbucket and thanks to the training of excellence, the development team adopted agile methodologies. Currently, they follow a scrum framework and collaborate fully with other departments of the company.

Jira Core

Es utilizada por los desarrolladores para la documentación y por marketing y diseño para compartir recursos. También se utiliza por gerencia y responsables de departamento como centro único de toda la información que necesitan conocer.


BigBuy recently introduced the OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) and have achieved an increase in team performance and motivation.

Rresults achieved

The adoption of an agile methodology, supported by the Atlassian tools and the excentia team, has resulted in many improvements in BigBuy:

Soluciones personalizadas de Atlassian
  • BigBuy’s growth is under control. They continue to grow but in a phased, measurable and positive way.
  • Workers are more motivated and efficient.
  • The management team and the CEO are amazed by the results obtained and consider the incorporation of Atlassian tools has been a key decision in the company.
  • Turnover has increased. In 2016, with the use of Google and Microsoft solutions, they reached a turnover of 14.2 million euros. In 2018, after the implementation of Jira and Confluence, they reached a turnover of 40 million euros.

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