Jira Product Discovery

Platform to manage product development ideas.

Tool that allows you to record and prioritize ideas and align departments in the same roadmap.

From idea to product

Atlassian solutions, such as the Jira product range, allow you to connect all stages of product creation to make the most of every idea that comes up at every stage.

Interfaz de registro de ideas de Jira Product Discovery

Benefits of Jira Product Discovery

Below are the main benefits of Jira Product Discovery.

Structure the

Space to systematically organize and prioritize the ideas and views of each user. Jira Product Discovery offers a space to gather data and knowledge to convert the best ideas.


Custom views and roadmaps provide quick and collaborative information reading for different departments. All information will be accessible in one place and for all.


Jira Product Discovery allows you to connect the ideas of different departments. Thanks to its integration with Jira Software, the information is visible from the origin of the idea to the delivery tasks.

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