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Software Quality

We would like to help you achieve a sustainable software development

Continuous Inspection

Continuous inspection is the new paradigm in code quality management. Continuous Inspection is a holistic, fully-realized process designed to make internal code quality an integral part of the software development life cycle.

"Fix the leak"

Forget about the past. Fixing the leak means putting the focus on the “new” code, i.e. the code that was added or changed since the last release. Things then get much easier.

Continuous Integration

Humans are always making mistakes and we must be able to detect them as soon as possible. Continuous integration helps you to automate build, testing, packaging, code inspection and all the task needed to release a new version.

Source Code Management

Or maybe you know it as your source version control (Git, Subversion). No branches, feature branching, release branching, team branching, ... We can help you to design the best strategy for your project.

Software Component Management

On one side is the source code, and on the other side is the generated packaged product and all its dependencies. You must manage both of them, including your own libraries and third-party libraries.

Test Automation

Using our own testing framework (or using a third-party solution) we can help you to reduce time, increase test coverage and improve your testing strategy.


Because code quality must be certified against standards. Using quality models like SQALE, CISQ or ISO 25000 your software could be recognized with well-known quality certificate.


Software Development best practises, tools, continuous inspection, continuous integration, continuous deployment, unit testing, ... We love to transfer our knowledge.


Because code quality improvement is boring. If you see it like a game then your team will be motivated and will enjoy fixing bugs.

Process Quality

We help you with services and processes continuous improvement


Services Portfolio definition
Financial analysis
Critical Success factors analysis


Services catalog definition
Service Level Agreement definition
Processes Map definition
Process Standarization and Documentation
Quality Plan definition


Process Audits
Customer Satisfaction
Reports and Operations Support
KPIs management

Continuous improvement and change management

Service Reporting
Knowledge Management and Training
Configuration Management (CMDB)
Support tools customization

Unleash the potential in every team.
Stronger, faster, better.


Issue management and code integration to plan, colaborate and release the best products.


A place to share, find, colaborate and to do more in less time.


Store, review, test and deploy with Git and Mercurial and your teams.


In addition to the rich capabilities of Jira Service Desk, it unifies development, operations, support and business teams with ITSM.

And even more

More solutions, products and plugins to improve the productivity of your team.


Our products are made with love thanks to our customer feedback for innovation and continuous improvement.

We have been certified as an Atlassian Top Vendor

Continuous code quality inspection to keep your technical debt under control with SonarQube

+750.000 downloads, +70.000 running instances, +1.500 community members

Support for more than 25 languages: Java, C#, PHP, PL/SQL, COBOL, RPG, Swift, VB6 and much more

Code Duplications, Unit Test Coverage, Code Complexity, Bugs, Vulnerabilities, Code Smells and much more

Align your team to reduce your technical debt and reduce costs

Increase your application longevity taking control of your technical debt

Continuous inspection with the market leader tool

SonarQube Plugins

New metrics, new quality models, new ways to manage your code quality

Our vision

"To become a singular and recognized reference in software quality assurance and process management, with a perfect implementation for continuous improvement and an unquestionable prestige."

Our values

Simplicity and transaparency

Keep It Short and Simple. We make things in an easy way, removing complexities. "Transparency" removes ambiguities and misunderstandings.

Quality and methodology

Our methodologies are updated on daily basis and promote a very high quality degree, this causes ourselves great confidence in what we do and it guarantees that we will do it right at the first attempt, walking towards excellence.

Innovation and Continuous Improvement

The ability do things in a different way allows us to be creative and offer differential solutions. We are always "reinventing ourselves" once and again in order to offer the best possible service.


Our team is the main asset of excentia and their motivation is fundamental, as well as their involvement in what they do and in the company, carrying an active role in their work.

Comfort, Thrill and Fun

We enjoy what we do, we make it with love and passion.

The Customer

Effective and efficient decision making with great empathy and sensitivity with our customers and their problems.


Because doing things right is the best way to get rewards

VI Edición

EMPRENDEDOR XXI awards finalists, CRECES XXI category.

Awarded with the special prize of the Council of Chambers of Commerce of the Valencian Community.

Awarded in 2010 with one of the top 10 national awards.


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